Portrait Study of a Lady, (detail), by James Archer.


Soul by Gary Kelley

Artist: Behance / Tumblr / Facebook


Illustrator Oriol Vidal


Tatsuro Kiuchi


Megatron - Ashley Wood | Concept/digital art | Pinterest


"The Pose"


It’s going to be a Matt Taylor-stravaganza over at Comic Con next week! In addition to the Sunset Overdrive print I just blogged about, here’s something else from Mondo.

Batman: The Animated Series is rightly regarded as one of the high-points of animation of the last twenty years, and as part of the ongoing Batman 75 celebrations, Mondo are releasing a limited 7” of the title score for the show. There are going to be a bunch of variants, of which my Harley Quinn piece above is one.

This was a huge amount of fun to draw, especially the Joker singles scattered across the floor. As before, these will be on sale at San Diego Comic Con next week - follow Mondo on Twitter for more info.




New paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera.

biologizeable Could you ID these for me?

  1. Blue Jay
  2. Blue Jay
  3. ???? Black and White Warbler??? 
  4. European Robin
  5. Some sort of cuckoo maybe?


X-Wing Fighter concept art by Joe Johnston, 1975-76


John Bauer, She kissed the Bear on the nose (c. 1910).
Illustration for a swedish fairytale. 


Catwoman by Tim Sale



Xulia Vicente is a Fine Arts student based near Valencia, Spain. Her works are animated and whimsical, bringing some nostalgia to mind.

Lately I’ve been dealing with pressure and fear of failure, as I’m starting bigger projects and things seem to get more serious. I have a lot of insecurities, questioning if the stuff is good enough, if I’m putting enough effort, if that’ll print well, if this blue should be darker…In the end the worst about it [is] the time it makes me lose, because works eventually come out when I stop worrying.

Interview with Xulia Vicente

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This great blog here interviewed me and put some of my works together. A nice surprise :) I’m a bit embarrased but highly grateful. Check their posts!


steampunk bmo by BrianKesinger


A Estelle Rice 2013
Simon Kennedy